21st century skills

21st Century Skills – These skills will be sought for now and in years to come

Skills needed in the 21st century comprise skills, abilities, and learning dispositions that have been identified as being required for success. They are skills for the 21st century workplace – employability skills needed in the 21st century society and even beyond by educators, business leaders, academics, and governmental agencies and several other works of life.

These skills are intended to help students keep up with the lightning-pace of today’s modern markets. Each skill is unique in how it helps students, but they all have one quality in common – They’re essential in the age of the Internet.

On this page, we’ll take a look at what’s included in 21st Century skills. Below is a Comprehensive List of 21st Century Skills.

critical thinking

1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Capabilities

This is one major 21st century employability skills that will always be sought for; It is a process of solving problems, outsourcing solution that helps you find and address potential weaknesses or faults in a given environment. This is also independent thinking (not having to depend solely on other people’s thoughts or choices of action).

Critical thinking is the ability to think in an organized and rational manner in order to understand connections between ideas and/or facts. It helps you decide what to believe in. In other words, it’s “thinking about thinking”—identifying, analyzing, and then fixing flaws in the way we think.

This 21st century skill is what almost every employer seeks, and secondly, in the era of fake news, contrasting data; so much information to process every day… critical thinking is the only way out.

effective networking

2. Effective Networking

Effective networking is a skill that successful business people seem to come by naturally. It is a process of reaching out to others to build relationships that can be used for mutual gain, says Lin Grensing-Pophal, author of “The Essentials of Corporate Communications and Public Relations.” Networking is the building of personal and professional connections in a variety of ways. Effective networkers have a goal, know their audience and are concerned more with the needs and interests of others than themselves. 

In recent times, opportunities, favours are shown or given out with a huge consideration to familiarity i.e. For some reason, I may not want to give a job or any other profitable referral to someone I do not know over the one I am familiar more with. Preference is placed on the familiar person over the unfamiliar. These kinds of opportunities can be gotten from your networks.

effective communication

3. Effective Communication

No matter who you are, what you do, where you live, work or what you believe; Communication is a critical factor – a necessity for every human. It involves a circulation of information, thoughts, feelings, and value from one person to another.

Currently, not only is communication important but also who you are communicating with. This does not only determine your network, your net worth as well is dependent on this factor. Great communication skill is required to create and keep great and influential networks.

In this light, communication is, therefore, a means to networking – they are interrelated


4. Research

Remember that particular time you needed to do assignments or work on a project and had to do a whole search on the web to find out more about the topic? Of course, you do have an idea of what research is. It is the searching and gathering of particular details from different sources – a collection of data, documentation of critical information an then an interpretation of these collated data to a suitable piece of information ready for consumption; an examination of a subject from different points of view.

In a nutshell, research skill gives you the ability to search for, find, collect, analyze, interpret and evaluate information that is relevant to the subject being studied. This skill is never going out of existence – a very relevant 21st century employability skill, because everyone researches every day (even if we don’t know it) how much more those in business, school, and many other fields.

Everyone is a researcher! All you need to do is scale up on the skill for a better impact.

media literacy

5. Media Literacy

Media literacy encompasses the practices that allow people to access, critically evaluate, and create media. Media literacy is not restricted to one medium

Media literacy can also be said as the ability to comprehend and produce messages in the media. This includes all different types of media, from written articles to films to advertisements on the television. Like conventional literacy, media literacy includes being able to recognize messages as well as create them.

Without this fundamental ability, an individual cannot have full dignity as a human, person or exercise citizenship in a democratic society where to be a citizen is to both understand and contribute to the debates of the time. This skill is essential in today’s world and would be in years to come.

data analytic

6. Data Analytics Skills

Developing an analytics skill involves the collation of data (Most likely numerical) also involves gathering and analysis of these data which is eventually interpreted. This skill is highly dependent on various analytical tools – Microsoft excel is one of these tools.

Learning this skill is the same as what you do or did in school, you practice sample problems and learn to solve more complex ones the higher you go. The difference now is that no one is forcing you to do it, plus you are aware of the real-world benefits of doing it

Some of these benefits are: You will be more productive simply by knowing how to analyze data to get real-time figures, you will run a business more effectively, you will have an edge over those who have great data but cannot analyze, employers are in search of people to analyze their consumer data to determine more effective ways to market and sell their products or services.

content writing

7. Content Writing

Content writing is a fantastic tool for building trust and loyalty because it is a means of expressing the truest and realistic facts. It is the creation of written content for print, digital media, or product description. Learning to create written content involves not just mastery of grammar but the development of the ability to organize one’s thoughts into an interesting piece, to target or reach out to a specific audience in the most presentable way.

These contents are majorly for online consumption (i.e. the web). Examples are content for websites, blogs, social media, articles and many more.

A content writer is not limited to any field, can take up any opportunity in writing, good content will definitely be shared across different platforms, earning the writer a greater audience and credibility.

public speaking

8.Public Speaking

Think about the times when you had to stand in front of a bunch of people and tell them something, it could have been a debate, a report back at school, a competition, or a proposal at work… that, my friend, is public speaking.

It is a process of passing or communicating a set of information to a specific audience. To get this done, you need a great deal of confidence; Confidence in your work or presentation, confidence in what value your presentation has to offer your audience, and most importantly, confidence that you are the best person to be passing that information at the time being else you get intimidated by the fact that someone else can or would have done it better than you.

Being able to speak publicly means you can sell anything, gives a quick impression that you are knowledgeable (which makes people want to associate with you even more) – This means more opportunities for career advancement, more connection/network, bigger clients, greater self-esteem and confidence.

In conclusion, while 21st Century skills have always been important, they’ve become essential in a worldwide market that moves faster by the day. Give yourself the skill you need to thrive, give yourself the 21st century skill, get skilled for the future – The future starts now!

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